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ETR’s High Water Tactical Rescue vehicle provides your department a solution  during high water rescues, emergency transportation situations, evacuations, rehab at extensive scenes, and much more.

This vehicle does more than move civilians. It provides storage compartments to stow away essential life saving devices and equipment. This vehicle come equip with ambulatory lift platform for complicated loading scenarios. Also included is an antler bar for cot security. A durable roof covering provides protection and ample scene lighting provides visibility. This vehicle is not enough. It's more than enough!


Ambulatory lift to provide an additional entry point for 

High visibility scene lights in all directions

Waterproof roof covering from the elements

Storage Compartments on both sides


Textured grit flooring for additional safety

Mobile clinic

ETR’s mobile clinic program offers an economical solution for all your mobile testing. We offer full customization to satisfy your every need.


We transform ordinary delivery vehicles into a full functioning medical mobile clinic on wheels outfitted with rear A/C, cabinets, plumbing, built in benches, space for a cot, and a reinforced structure to support the mobility of the unit even on challenging terrain. The units are also equipt with a generator, flip down step, exterior scene lighting, a side deployed awning, and easy to clean surfaces and floors for simple maintenance. 


Large panel roof covering for sleek seamless design to hide wiring and cables.

Subfloor installed before final floor to add protection and comfort.

Aluminium support structure to secure safe installtion.

Rooftop A/C to keep area cool

Custom built plumbing containment system.




Wires and cables routed to one central area for easy access.