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John Warren
Regional Sales Manager

Florida Sales 

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The Horton experience; Lights, Sirens, Action.

For everyone at Horton, our mission is clear. To provide emergency vehicles that get the job done safely and reliably each and every time. We don’t focus on quality for the badges or certifications, and we don’t continue to innovate just to say we did it first. Nor do we customize simply because we can, and our unrelenting attention to safety isn’t just a selling point.

We build the industry’s most innovative ambulances for the heroes risking their lives to save others. For the crews up all hours of the night making sure you, our employees, their families, and perfect strangers, can rest easy. And, that starts with the four pillars of Horton manufacturing; each one designed to deliver the highest-quality, most tailor-made emergency vehicles the market has to offer.