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Our technicians are manufacturer trained ( AEV/American Emergency Vehicles, American LaFrance, Medic Master, Ferrara Fire Apparatus, KME Fire Apparatus, Road Rescue, Wheeled Coach, Road Rescue, and Frontline M1) and EVT Certified.  Our painters are PPG and I-CAR certified and our welders are G3 and G4 certified in aluminum, stainless and steel in all positions.


18 service stalls to handle all of your needs.

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First responders on scene and a patient needing immediate transport to the hospital or an awaiting ambulance, rely on cabinets allow easy and safe transport of medical equipment with hold down straps and quick release buckles for easy access. We also provide options for locked compartments, temperature controlled cabinetry, slide out systems, tie downs, and extra durable cabinetry.

Our expert technicians work with plywood and aluminum to handle any project including new fabrication, repair or remodeling. They are ready to outfit your emergency vehicle, to your custom desires.

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Interior of detailed emergency vehicle.

We offer a complete detailing service for interior and exterior of your emergency vehicle and use only the best 3M products. After removing the bugs, tar, and road debris, we use pH-balanced high emulsion soap and hand wash each vehicle for the most attention to detail. Every compartment, cabinet, cup holder, dash, and console are meticulously cleaned. No vent, knob, button, panel, gauge, window, or mirror, are missed in our detailing process. 

Our customers will receive all their vehicles cleaner than if they were fresh off the line. We strive for excellence in every department and detailing does not fall short. 

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From lights and sirens, to generators and custom consoles, ETR is fully capable of handling any and all electrical issues and additions. We have complete 12 volt and 110 volt capabilities including programming, design trouble-shooting, and complete system overhaul of all our emergency vehicles.

We staff an electrical engineers and multiple technicians who are EVT and manufacturer certified in hard wire/pin to pin, Weldon VMUX, and Class 1 Multiplex. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, but if it is, bring it to us!

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We house a complete sheet metal shop for aluminum, stainless an steel fabrication. Fabrication includes custom components such as bumpers, cabinets, doors, running boards and rub rails for all emergency vehicles. 

Our senior technician has over 42 years experience in welding and fabrication. Operating manual or semi-automatic welding equipment to fuse metal segments, using processes such as gas tungsten arc, gas metal arc, flux-cored arc, plasma arc, shielded metal arc, resistance welding​.

Our technicians utilize both MIG and TIG welding methods.


As you may have already guessed, ETR is your one stop shop for everything in the emergency vehicle industry. We, as such also provide you with the option of having your graphics done right here, in our facility. Our graphics department will guide you through the process, whether it is a new design or replicating an existing design on your current fleet. We have a certified Graphic Engineer in house, who is available to help you with the vision you have for the look of your new or remounted unit. Our highly skilled installation team is ready, once a design has been approved, to install the graphics with precision and accuracy. Our graphics departments prides itself, not only in our ability to produce graphics in a timely manner, but also in our ability to do quality work that supersedes our competition.

It is in the details that we will stand out from the rest!

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We offer complete AC diagnostics, repair, replacement and add-on systems for both 110 and 12 volt. Its purpose in a vehicle is to clean, cool, heat, regulate, ventilate and dehumidify the air entering the cabin, depending on the inputs of the operator as well as electronic sensors. Different systems will use different ways of controlling air flow into the cabin but they all work on the same basic principles.

Our technicians are EVT certified and ready to service your emergency vehicle unit.

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At ETR we pride ourselves in the quality of work that we provide, and our paint departments is no different. ETR uses nothing but quality PPG materials to ensure that we maintain the quality of our product. Our body workers can take a collision, repair the damage, and prep the vehicle for paint to deliver an OEM finished product. 

By not rushing through any step of the process, whether it striping, cutting, buffing or painting a unit we insure that our customers receive a unit who’s paint, not only lasts, but that also looks great. We make sure that our remounts come out of the paint shop looking brand new!

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ETR upholstery pieces for emergency vehicles.

Are your seats worn, torn, or just not the condition you want them in? The nature of this industry dictates that the materials used must be durable and long lasting. We are ready to answer that service call and handle all of your upholstery needs including repair, replacement, or new designs.


We do this utilizing seamless vacuum formed vinyl material. contoured foam for maximum seating comfort, and cushioned seats .  This seamless design ensures safe, easy clean-up of blood borne pathogens. All of our upholstery seamless vacuum forming is done in house.

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