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AEV uses rigorous manufacturing processes and engineering innovation to achieve superior quality and value, meeting each customer’s unique specifications. AEV ambulances offer many impactful features


infinity edge
body panels

AEV’s preformed aluminum walls, doors and windows feature rolled edges and wraparound corners, minimizing the potential for corrosion and enhancing aesthetics. 


door mechanics

AEV’s door handles have counter-balanced internal mechanisms, so doors require less force to open, but remain closed in the event of an accident.  The free-floating handle design also provides “give” when doors are locked, reducing damage and maintenance while ensuring safety.


door gaskets

AEV welds seams together and custom fits the material to precise tolerances, resulting in better sealing doors, enhanced aesthetics and consistent repeatability for new and replacement parts. 



In-house fabrication provides more opportunity for customization while maintaining sanitary benefits, such as effective cleaning and decontamination of blood-borne pathogens. 

Picture of Fred Joseph
Fred Joseph 
Regional Sales Manager

North Florida Sales

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Picture of Scott Newcomer
Scott Newcomer


Regional Sales Manager

South Florida Sales

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Nestled deep within the Blue Ridge Mountains among rolling hills and timeless farmhouses — like a real-life Norman Rockwell painting — AEV is a place where American pride turns work into passion, where unwavering commitment transforms jobs into careers and where focused processes make AEV one of the most well-oiled machines among ambulance manufacturers. Here, one-of-a-kind starts with the details that matter, vendors are treated as long-lasting partners and dealers are proud to be a part of the AEV dealer network. At AEV, the American made becomes the American crafted.


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