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ETR LLC is proud to announce that the CAAS (Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services), a group that was established to encourage and promote quality patient care in America’s medical transportation system, has invited Jerry Michaluk to be a primary member of its Remount Group, that will develop standard recommendations for all future ambulance remounts.



Upon arrival, pictures are taken to document the vehicle before any work is done. A function inspection is completed and those findings are reported to the customer to discuss a plan of action to address any issues found.

Graphic Removal & Body Prep

All previous graphics are removed, adhesive cleaned and surfaces are treated to prep for paint work. At this time, we also address all damage, dings, dent, and corrosion that may remain on the unit.


The module is lifted off the cart, and the new chassis is rolled into position where the module is securely mounted onto the chassis. All critical point are secured and torqued correctly. The ambulance is then moved into another station where it starts to take shape.


Customer approved graphics are now installed to exceed expectations and complete the overall scheme and desired appearance of the unit.


After documenting the unit. The entire module is stripped of doors, windows, lighting, electrical, flooring, trim, upholstery, and sliding cabinet windows.


Our technicians are capable of achieving all custom paint schemes and meeting customer specifications. We use premium paint materials to ensure the durability and saturation. After paint, our technicians cut, buff, and polish the entire ambulance body to come out of the shop looking brand new!

Electrical & HVAC

New electrical systems, new relays, new switch panels, and custom consoles are installed. All new HVAC systems, lines and components are assembled and installed meeting customer specifications.


The unit goes through a thorough cleaning and detailing process that ensures a spotless interior and exterior.


The unit gets moved to our dismounting station where technicians are able to separate the old chassis and the module from one another. The module then gets placed onto a custom built cart with large castor wheels for easy maneuverability in our facility.

Chassis Prep

The new chassis is outfitted with the desired suspension upgrades and custom consoles are blueprinted and begin to get made. Electricians attack the chassis with all the necessary wiring connections to prepare the chassis for its’ new marriage.


The unit then get reassembled using new parts including lights, trim, cabinets, upholstery, hardware and any other customer specified upgrades.

Final Inspection

We have an extensive multiple check final inspection that ensures operations of all components, lights, and functions. The vehicle is test driven and checked for HVAC and proper chassis operations are functional. ETR ensure a high quality final product that will exceed your satisfaction.

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