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AEV Infection Control Unit
Wheeled Coach Infection Control Unit


Isolation of Cab Crew area from Patient Compartment

Multi-Stage HEPA filters in HVAC System

High Capacity Negative Air System in Patient Compartment to control external environmental exposure

Anti-Microbial LED lighting in Patient Compartment to protect the interior environment from a variety of pathogens

Portable or Installed EPA Approved Decontamination Systems meeting OSHA and NFPA Specificaions

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ETR, L.L.C. is a full service company devoted to the Emergency, Tactical, and Rescue industries.  ETR, L.L.C. was incorporated in September, 2001. Our collision and remount facility is located in Sanford, Fl. We are a new ambulance dealer in the State of Florida for AEV (American Emergency Vehicles) and Frontline M1 and in the State of Georgia, Frontline M1, Road Rescue, and Wheeled Coach. In addition to new vehicles sales we provide collision, custom command conversions, graphics, parts, reconditioning/remounting, service, and warranty repairs...

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As of July 1, 2019, KKK standards require installed Oxygen cylinder, suction, cardiac monitor, fire extinguisher, and other devices be mounted on an equipment mounting system that can withstand a vertical force equal to 25 times the combined weight of the equipment. The system needs to also meet the requirements of SAE J3043.

Technimount System’s universal mounting solution complies with KKK and the highest industry standards. The Technimount System are SAE J3043 certified mounting systems and withstood the dynamic testing to evaluate the integirty of the mounting system and Technimount performed beautifully. 

They are the only manufacturer to have a universal mounting system that can simultaneously accommodate multiple brands, models, and applications. This creates a solution for your infusion pumps, ventilators, defibrillator, and much, much more!

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ActivePure® is a continuous air decontamination system generating a non-toxic dry Hydrogen Peroxide that is disbursed throughout the environment via air circulation. Proven to dramatically reduce molds, mildews, bacteria and viruses, incl. MRSA & Staph. High quality products are available for OEMs, upgrades to in-service ambulances and rescue vehicles, as well as fire stations, medical facilities, temporary/permanent shelters, MCI’s, disaster relief efforts and mortuary response. Having been utilized around the globe in the HVAC and residential communities for over a decade, activTek Health Solutions now brings this proven solution for a healthy environment into the medical community, benefiting patients and staff.

ActivePure (RCI – Radiant Catalytic Ionization) Technology was developed to effectively and safely control odor causing bacteria, harmful contaminants  and molds on surfaces and in the air. The ActivePure Cell is a unique and proprietary system at the heart of our indoor air quality technology. This advanced technology sends out purifying agents to destroy these contaminants and irritants at the source of the problem. In addition to the air quality benefits. It has the added potential benefit to provide energy-sensitive solutions over other designs.


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